Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sans arrogance and tumultuous regard, it’s a very difficult thing to find new things to dislocate your current perspective when you’re constantly looking outside of the box. As of late I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a dead end when it comes to food. That lull between what was fantastic but has become mundane and what will soon be an epiphany, a moment of clarity, the substance of my euphoria.

I’m craving something new, something that can unhinge my thought process to how I relate and know cooking. This in turn could leave me on my back and not know what the hell happened, but it could also open doors I never once thought imaginable. When I was in my early teens I went to Hawaii for a family vacation and it was one of the most liberating experiences from childhood into a more adult palette. Maybe it’s the sense of euphoria that envelopes Hawaii, or maybe it’s simply just how fresh everything is there. In either case being a young teen from the very bland state of Iowa, it wasn’t all too likely that I could have enjoyed the likes of Sushi/Sashimi, vibrant multi-colored fruits such as star fruit and passion fruit, and all things teriyaki.

To some sushi is nothing more than just raw fish, and to those that say that or think that you are but a child in your thoughts and palette; GROW UP! The attention to detail in all shapes and sizes that is sushi or sashimi is much more than just raw fish. I can’t speak for all sushi because not all sushi is created equally, but good sushi has a clean, natural, satisfying flavor that not only entices the palette but the spirit and soul. Maybe it’s the nostalgic background of sushi landing you in more peaceful times, or maybe it’s the fact that consuming raw fish satisfies some carnal craving.

In much of cooking fish commands a great deal of respect not only for it’s great nutrients and health benefits but the effort that it takes to prepare fish properly. So many things in life are better prepared more simply and fish can be just that. My initial experience with fish was that of catfish and I still loathe it to this day. Nope, never mind loathe doesn’t quite fit the bill, I hate Catfish with every ounce of my being. Or at least the way that it was prepared. Fish sticks anyone? No thank you I will starve. Raw Toro steak served with wasabi and ginger? I’d devour it lacking all grace and dignity.

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